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GTPC Clothing

GTPC's Clothing

Our GTPC Clothing is fun, colourful and comfortable athletic wear. At the moment we are offering t-shirts and sweaters. Keeping it simple while still allowing our members and friends of the club to wear our clothing proudly here at the club and beyond.

Our T-Shirts are moisture-wicking, breathable and tagless.  ​Our Sweaters are soft, comfortable and the perfect thing to wear to and from the court, as well as in between games during a tournament!

T-Shirts are $20 including HST

Sweaters are $40 including HST


We always love seeing our logo out on courts across Canada and the US so please send us photos of you in our gear that we can share on our social media!

LSweater Pink front.PNG
Extreme Pink
LSweater grey back.PNG
Coal Grey
Lpink tshirt back.PNG
Extreme Pink
PLadies tshirt front.PNG
 Ladies Sizing Chart:
Ladies tshirt sizing chart.PNG
Purple Men's Back sweater.PNG
charcoal grey men's front sweater.PNG
MPink front tshirt.PNG
MPurple tshirt bacl.PNG
Extreme Pink
Charcoal Grey
men's Sizing Chart:
Men's sizing chart.PNG
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