GTPC Club Play

winter Schedule - january 2020

We have officially moved to Monterra, all club play will now be played there until the spring/summer season!

Monterra Multi-Use Facility (The Tennis Courts)

264 Jozo Weider Blvd, The Blue Mountains, ON L9Y 0V2

Please Note:

All Club Play requires a minimum of 8 players registered on Whoozin to run! 


If there are fewer than 8 registered 24 hours before club play the time will be cancelled and a notification will go out on Whoozin.


Please make sure you sign up if you plan on attending Club Play and make sure you check for notifications if they are less than 8 signed up for that day/evening. 

Club play formats:

Round Robin Play

  • Players must show up by 9:00 a.m. Please DON'T BE LATE as once the Round Robin has started it is very difficult to introduce late arriving players

  • Players will play in their rated category (Players will be assigned a rating by the Club Pro)

  • Courts will be assigned based on the number of players that sign up on Whoozin and arrive for their rated group. (e.g. if 8 to 11 players rated 3.5 attend they will be assigned 2 courts)

  • A proper Round Robin requires a minimum of 8 players per rated group.

  • If fewer than 8 players attend, they will mix and match among themselves and play on 1 court.

  • If there are fewer than 4 players in a Rated Group their Round Robin will be cancelled.  These players will receive notice the day prior to the Round Robin.  Players should always check Whoozin to see how many have signed up in their rated category to determine whether their Rated Group will run.

  • Please signup on Whoozin for Round Robins as it is important for the facilitators to organize play.

  • PLAYERS SIGNED UP ON WHOOZIN WILL PLAY - no drop-ins will be accommodated.

  • If the weather is forecast to be bad then play will move into the Curling Club (if available) and Whoozin may be capped in order to manage the numbers of players.


King of the Court - Competitive

  • Play will commence with any 4 players playing on the assigned courts

  • Winners move up and split, Losers move down and split

  • Winners on the first court stay and split, Losers on the last court stay and split

Ladder Play

  • 4 or 5 players of similar skill level will be assigned to a court

  • They will play with and against one another and record their scores

  • The high cumulative score will move up one court and the low cumulative score will move down one court

  • Another set (round) of 3 or 4 games will commence among this new group of players.  Scores will be recorded.

  • Players playing in the ladder must commit to at least two rounds of play (6 or 8 games)


Organized Open Play

Make up your own games and write your names on the Whiteboard for the next available court


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